Innovative Technology for Marine Industry Trainers

This show was recorded live on November 9, 2010.

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At IBEX 2010, MITEC members Ann Avary, Ed Sherman, and Barbara Jean Walsh shared their experiences with a variety of new tools that anyone can adapt for training purposes, whether in the classroom or on the shop floor. For this show, we’ll review some of those suggestions, including:

Barbara Jean also hosted a workshop at IBEX 2010 on best practices for preparing an online presentation. You can see the full 30-minute presentation here below, or to view it as part of a ProBoat E-Training course, click here. (When you see the log-in screen, simply select the “Log In As Guest” option — or enter your username and password if you have previously registered with ProBoat E-Training.)

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  1. proboatr:

    In this presentation, I direct viewers to a Drop Io website for more information. Unfortunately, Drop Io is shutting down on Dec 15, 2010 following its sale to Facebook, so I am including the resource list below:

    Presentation Zen Garr Reynold’s blog of issues related to professional presentation design.

    Sample slides From Garr Reynolds – wonderful starting points!

    Guy Kawasaki Reality Check from the author of The Start.

    The Zen of PowerPoint, Facebook, and Twitter Guy Kawasaki on Garr Williams.

    Presentation Zen Design (The Book) THE BOOK

    Slideshare: The Best Take a look at some of the best

    Chicken chicken chicken Regarded by some as the best PowerPoint ever, but probably not in the same way we are looking for the “best” PowerPoint.

    Worlds Best Presentation Contest 2008 Take a look at these examples!

    World’s Best Presentation Contest 2009 More examples

    Top Ten Slide Tips What you need to keep in mind.

    Top Ten Delivery Tips It’s not all in the slides . . . .

    Steve Jobs & Guy Kawasaki Powerpoint Best Practices

    A Whole New Mind | Daniel Pink Great resource material about how to organize yourself for your presentation

    Prezi – The Zooming Presentation Editor A step beyond PowerPoint — but you still need to follow the same steps for creating a good presentation.

    Apple Keynote Same rules still apply here

    authorSTREAM Online PowerPoint Presentations and Slideshow Sharing – online presenting made simple

    Hilary Mason, “A Data-driven Look at the Real-time Web Ecosystem”
    Hilary was a presenter at COMITT 2008. The content here may not be
    applicable to you, but take a look at her slides and her presentation

    Learning from Bill Gates & Steve Jobs Comparing presentation styles. (Spoiler: Steve wins.)

    Duarte Blog: How story applies to presentation Powerful presentations must have a contour.

    Duarte Blog: Double Rainbow How the typical business presentation can suck the life out of a powerful story

    Rule of Thirds: Improve Your PowerPoint Slides Limiting our focus to the visual image

    Note & Point A gallery of killer presentations

  2. proboatr:

    Oops! I said to go to for more info not in the magazine, but I SHOULD have said go to!